Iris Split Keyboard

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Tented Iris Cases

Iris Pastel Green Black 01.jpg

The Iris is a split ergo keyboard designed by

I developed the tented iris case in 2018 as an inexpensive and elegant solution for tenting (tilting) the case. It has been updated over the years to support the latest PCB versions, of which there are many.

The tenting system works through standoffs that change the angle the board tilts (side to side). Three sets of standoffs/legs are provided.

Each case comes fully assembled including an acrylic plate.

Photos and colour options:

Updated photos:


  • Low profile - $170 AUD
  • High profile - $200 AUD

What you need to complete the keyboard:

  • An Iris PCB
  • Short USB C to C cable to connect the two sides
  • USB C cable to connect to your computer
  • Switches (52-56)
  • Optional rotary encoders
  • Optional stabilisers for 2u keys
  • Compatible ortho keycaps

Visit Keebio to see their range of PCBs and parts.

How to purchase

Send me a message.

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Kingk22, Matte Black with Snow middle.


JohnWest, Matte Black with Snow bottom plate.

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