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September 2021 Update

I recently launched v2 switch films on switchkeys and sent some out to aussie streamers to try out and giveaway. Qwertlekeys and zerostresslevel are yet to do the giveaway so follow them on twitch if you don't want to miss out.

SFv2 01 2000px.jpg

The v2 version only has a small change from the previous one sold on Keyboard Treehouse (which are still available for a little cheaper). The LED slot was blocked in the previous design while it is open in the new one.


  • Keyboard stands: Waiting for acrylic sheets to reach me and should be resupplying switchkeys by the end of the month.
  • Switch mod plates: Same as stands, i'm waiting for acrylic to arrive to cut more 24 slot units.
  • Switch tester plates: Recently sent a small supply to SK.

Frosted acrylic

I've been looking for alternative suppliers for the acrylic used to make stands and mod/tester plates but it's very hard finding the exact properties i'm after. The current material as you may have seen, is extremely good at resisting fingerprints/marks and diffuses light really well to give it a flat and unobtrusive look on the desk.

This is entirely due to the surface texture. Even when two textures look near identical, they can be more reflective, not diffuse as well or take on fingerprints more easily.

Discord Server

Everyone and their dog has one, I avoided it for years but it's time. I need a place to organise things, gather feedback and show off photos to a wider audience instead of only a few friends.

It will a basic leveling system based on diablo item rarities that i've wanted to do for literally years. Everyone starts out as normal and progress to magic, rare and finally legendary. A sneak peek channel will be unlocked when reaching rare. Set role will be given to friends and distinguished members of the community.

No ETA but probably mid-late september. I'll be posting about it wherever I can when it launches. Maybe do some giveaways on the server as well as snagkeys (AU only mech server). Invite here:


Iris Cases

These are available and made to order. I have updated the Iris page on this site with info. The imgur album will have pics of various colour combos as well as newly added high profile renders.

July 2021 Update

Product Update 26th July 2021 2000px.jpg

26th July update: 40 slot mod plates and switch tester plates (12/24 slot) have been added to SK.

Keyboard Stands and 24 Slot Switch Mod Plates are now available at Switchkeys, an aussie vendor based out of Melbourne.

The 3x8 switch mod plates fit perfectly inside their updated Brush Kit V2, which I noticed after buying the V1 unit. It's a great value piece of kit and has enough space for your lube, films, other tools and of course, the mod plate.

More products will be listed in the future, as well as products going to other vendors. If you would like larger mod plates, I custom cut these to order, check out the Switch Testers page for more info.

Keyboard Stand Ad.jpg

Other stuff

A long project has recently been completed, two custom high profile tented wireless cases for the Sofle V1 PCBs (what a mouthful). I will be making simpler cases for the Sofle V1 and V2 in the future to go with PCBs sold by Custom KBD.

Tented iris cases are available right now as well, just send me a message on discord. The iris page on this site is sorely in need of updating.. i'll get around to it soon™.

In the mean time, I have an imgur album with pics and info:

Switch films are still available from the treehouse.

Website Update

Updated the site a bit and added some new pages, actually installed custom fonts and changed styling. Been meaning to do that for years. Also been meaning to get an actual laser ninja domain instead of using my personal '' domain.

There's so many awesome platforms and technologies including the pervasive squarespace, but for now, i'm going to keep on truckin. I don't plan on setting up a store as I want to sell to vendors more than selling directly myself. Some pages will still be out of date like the iris page, sorry for that. Anyway, it is what it is. Thanks for reading.

April 2021 Update

Products are in production.

If you want to purchase, send me a message on discord: @Ninja#5071. My profile picture is the gradient circle in the logo. I am on many keyboard servers so you should be able to find me if you search for ninja.

Click here to join snagkeys, an AU/NZ only keyboard server -

  • Keyboard stands
  • Switch modding plates
  • Switch testers
  • Switch films
  • Keyboard keychains
  • Tools - stem grabber, switch puller, keycap puller, curved tweezers

Local delivery in australia is done via auspost letter untracked for smaller flat items and courier for anything bulkier.

23rd April 2021

Laser ninja SwitchFilms 1000px.jpg

My switch films are now on the treehouse, fulfilled from their warehouse.

They have a cheap letter postage option (cannot be combined with other items). It can however be combined with other AEBoards items from the warehouse (click on Makers menu then AEBoards).

Click the image or this link to visit the product page.

Note: the site defaults to USD currency, you can change it to AUD in the top right corner.

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