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May 2022 - New vendors!


Along with Switchkeys, my friends over at Custom KBD, Mountain Keyboards and Keyboard Treehouse are now stocking laser_ninja products.

They each supply the usual keyboard supplies and tools but also develop their own unique products.

Custom KBD -

You'll find a great range of weird and wonderful DIY kits as well as PCBs, keyboard parts and tools. These kits typically require soldering on all the PCB components, which brings down the overall cost significantly.

A great example is the Chalice, a cheap entryway into alice style keyboards, developed by Custom KBD. And if you're short on time or patience, they also offer a build service.

Located in Huntingdale, Melbourne (pickup available).

Keyboard Stands
Switch Mod Plates
Switch Tester Plate

Mountain Keyboards -

Mountain Keyboards is new on the vendor scene however they've been in the hobby for a quite while. Sustainability is an important value, so all their packaging is recyclable or compostable.

Their flagship product is the Lets Tango, a CNCd aluminium keyboard brought to market as an in stock ready to ship keyboard.

Located in Greystanes, Sydney (pickup available).

Keyboard Stands
Switch Mod Plates
Switch Tester Plate

Keyboard Treehouse / Treehouse Hobbies -

Keyboard Treehouse is run by the boys at AE Boards, who have developed some very cool boards over the years such as the EXT65 and Constellation. The second run of the Constellation is actually available in stock right now if you're after a premium 65% experience.

Their latest keyboard is the Praxis IM - a good entry level board if you want to try out an alice layout but don't want to build the whole board like with Chalice.

Note: Treehouse Hobbies is their new store specifically for the AU market, with all prices in AUD.

Located Alexandria, Sydney (pickup available).

Keyboard Stands

Switchkeys -

Finally, I'm pleased to be working with Switchkeys, who have stocked my products for the past year. I've been impressed by their organisation, professionalism, and commitment to customer service. I look forward to continuing to work with them.

They run many GBs for keycaps and keyboards but also carry in stock products where they can. Plenty of switches, deskmats and also Keychron Q series boards, which are excellent value (my current main board is a Q1).

Located Balwyn, Melbourne.

Keyboard Stands
Switch Mod Plates
Switch Tester Plate
Switch Films
• Clear DSA Keycap packs - out of stock

April 2022 Update

Restock April 2022.jpg


General restock of products on Switchkeys including my switch films finally, and a new little 4 slot tester.

Keyboard Stands
Switch Mod Plates
Switch Testers
Switch Films
Blank Keycaps

Discontinuing Switch Films

Unfortunately I will be discontinuing films due to being too labour intensive to produce and material supply issues.

Switch films are checked, pre-peeled and then hand cut into individual sheets to maintain a certain level of quality and consistency.

These days, there are plenty of film options on the market.

I have several hundred packs available and will restock Switchkeys continuously until they're all gone (have a lot more white than black).


As mentioned in the previous update, I have quietly opened up my discord server to anyone who reads these updates.

February 2022 Update

Hey hey people. Here with a small update, been a while since my last. Hope you've all had a nice break.

Switchkeys has been restocked with mod/tester plates and stands. Clear DSA keycaps next, then switch films and more stands in March.

To find my products, search 'laser ninja' or follow this link here.

Dual Keyboard Stands

Been working on some dual stands. I want these to display both keyboards fully, most existing stands tend to hide the keyboard in the back. Sometimes this is unavoidable if you have a very large board in front. For this reason, you can fit a thicker TKL in the front without covering the back.

When switching this around (having a 60% or 5 row board) in the front, there will be a gap. You may like it or dislike it. This is the tradeoff I am going with, and honestly I like some separation between boards. Let them have some space.

Dual Stand Preview 2000px.jpg

Artisan Cases

This has been on my to do list for years. I'm not that into artisans now so it's hard to find the motivation to work on stuff I don't use.

There's two features that I want to get right - angling mechanism and lid.

I might start off with a basic design and go from there. The final form will ideally have an easy angling system and an easy to use lid system. And perhaps a custom machined or moulded foam insert to hold the keycaps in place, this would be awesome but expensive.


The Pumpkinpad is a 10 key macropad PCB i'm planning to bring out some time. Currently in design/prototying, PCB design by Jels.

The idea behind this is to have fun. I want to design a range of little cases that can be used with the PCB or used as switch testers or artisan holders. It will be hotswap so it's easy to move the PCB around if you want.

The name is from the original case I made for halloween. I've since decided to keep the name because it's unique and I couldn't think of anything better that didn't sound boring like 'ninjapad10'.

Pumpkinpad Ant 2000px.jpg

Discord Server

Quietly opening my server to the public.. I don't know who even checks my site but if you do, and you want to join my server - then here's the only public link. Later on I will run some giveaways to promote the server, just don't have time right now.

Thanks in advance for joining. It'll be quiet in the beginning but as I plan on sharing more of my work process and involve the community in my designs.

There's a role you can give yourself for updates but i'll aim to keep pings to an absolute minimum. I know how annoying they can be.

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