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Switch Testers


Switch Testing Plates

These are single pieces of 6mm acrylic that hold switches in for testing purposes. Choose your switches at the bottom of this page and message me with a list.

Trying out single switches is a great way to compare side by side and to use as a reference. It will not be the same as trying a whole board with one switch - but it's a lot cheaper. A full 12 slot unit will set you back around $30-35 AUD.

To purchase, contact me with your location and what you're after.


  • 4 Slot Switch Plate 2x2 - $5
  • 12 Slot Switch Plate 3x4 - $14
  • Or any custom size (larger than 3x4 in size)
  • Blank DSA keycaps - 50c each (clear + many colours)
  • Letter post - $2.50 / $3.50

Photos of Switch Testing Plates here.

Advanced Switch Testers

These are fully enclosed and assembled units designed to hold your switches securely.

The main feature is the switch plate, this allows switches to clip in securely. They won't fall out and will require a switch puller (or IC puller) to remove them.

I am selling whatever stock I have available. 2x2 is the largest size at the moment.


  • 1.5mm top plate allows switches to clip in securely.
  • Very sturdy enclosed design, comes fully assembled.
  • Can be used as a fidget toy to keep around your desk.
  • High quality 3M bumpons (rubber feet) pre-applied.


  • Advanced Switch Tester 1u - $8
  • Advanced Switch Tester 1x2 - $10
  • Advanced Switch Tester 2x2 - $13 - Only 1 unit left (clear colour)
  • Advanced Switch Tester 2x3 - $15 - SOLD OUT sry

New advanced testers will be developed in the future that can be converted into a macropad case. And tester keychains. Stay tuned!

Photos of Advanced Switch Testers

Switch Modding Plates

Also known as 'lube stations' by other vendors, these tools are used to organise switches neatly as mod/lube them.

My design is made from premium 6mm frosted acrylic and features a spaced out grid layout so you don't bump into adjacent switches when closing them or applying films and other fiddly work.

High quality 3M bumpons are pre-applied to the unit, all you have to do is peel off the protective film and you're good to go.

Click here for photos.

To order:

Step 1. Choose your size/arrangement. Only use even numbers e.g. 4x6, 3x8, 4x10 etc.

Step 2. Choose whether the switch holes are grippy or loose. By default, they are grippy because it's what I prefer, find grippy to be superior. You can angle the plate when lubing without worrying about switches falling out. It can also be used as a switch tester.

  • Grippy: switches are held in place via friction. To remove, wiggle the switch or push it out from below.
  • Loose: there is no friction holding the switch. This is how most other makers configure it

Step 3. Optional features if wanted.

  • Stem slots: this adds 30% extra on top of base.
  • Brush holes: several holes of varying size can be added to the top or side of the unit.

Step 4. Choose delivery method:

  • Auspost large letter - $3.50 for units up to 6x8 size.
  • Courier - Starts at $10 for metro areas (no PO boxes).


These units are priced at $1 per switch slot. So a 4x8 32 slot unit is $32, 6x8 48 slot unit is $48 and so on.

How To Order

Message me on discord with what you would like or any questions you have: @Ninja#5071

I accept payment through Pay ID (available through most bank apps).


Individual switches available for purchase. I do NOT sell in bulk. For bulk switches, visit Custom KBD, Switchkeys, Daily Clack, Keyboard Treehouse and other AU vendors.

Alpaca V1 Linears - $2
Halo Clear - $1.50
KBDfans T1 Tactile - $1.50 (tactile)
Gazzew Boba U4 62g - $1.50 (silent tactile)
Gazzew U4T 62g - $1.50 (tactile)
Gazzew Bobagum 62g - $1.50 (silent linear, clear top)

Cherry Red - $1
Cherry Black - $1
Cherry Brown - $1
Cherry Clear - $1
Cherry Blue - $1
Cherry Green - $1
Cherry Speed Silver - $1
Cherry Silent Red - $1.50
Cherry Silent Black - $1.50

Gateron Clear - $1
Gateron Red - $1
Gateron Yellow - $1
Gateron Black - $1
Gateron Brown - $1
Gateron Blue - $1
Gateron Green - $1
Gateron Silent Red - $1
Gateron Silent Black - $1
Gateron Silent Brown - $1

Kailh BOX Red - $1
Kailh BOX Dark Yellow - $1
Kailh BOX Black - $1
Kailh BOX Brown - $1
Kailh BOX Burnt Orange - $1
Kailh BOX White - $1
Kailh BOX Pale Blue - $1
Kailh BOX Jade - $1
Kailh BOX Navy - $1
Kailh BOX Royal - $1
Kailh BOX Pink - $1
Kailh BOX Chinese Red - $1
Kailh BOX Noble Yellow - $1
Kailh BOX Glazed Green - $1
Kailh BOX Ancient Grey - $1

Kailh Pro Burgundy - $1
Kailh Pro Purple - $1
Kailh Pro Light Green - $1
Kailh Speed Gold - $1
Kailh Speed Silver - $1
Kailh Speed Bronze - $1
Kailh Speed Copper - $1

Aliaz 60g - $1
Aliaz 70g - $1
Aliaz 80g - $1
Aliaz 100g - $1

These outemu switches are very old and maybe not even be available for purchase.

Outemu Ice Light Purple - $1
Outemu Ice Dark Purple - $1
Outemu Ice Clear - $1
Outemu Ice Grey - Out of stock
Outemu Ice Silver - Out of stock
Outemu Teal - Out of stock

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