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Switch Tester Plates

LAS 8387 - 2000px.jpg

Switch tester plates are an excellent way to try out different switches or mounting artisans.

They are made from 6mm silky smooth matte clear acrylic, very durable with no flex.

If you're fresh in the hobby, please ask around the community (such as snagkeys or switchkeys discord servers) in order to find out which switches to try. I sell individual switches and blank keycaps listed at the bottom of the page.

LAS 8388 - 2000px.jpg

LAS 8361 - 2000px.jpg


Sizes: 2x2, 3x4, 4x6

Material: 6mm matte frosted acrylic

Origin: Australia


Switch support

Tester plates support any MX style switches such as cherry, kailh, kailh box, outemu, tecsee, durock etc. Some switches may sit a bit tighter or looser. Tester plates are a bit tighter than mod plates (which can be used as testers).

Material and finish

The acrylic is clear with a silky smooth satin/frosted texture on both sides, that resists dust and fingerprints. This is the same material used for my keyboard stands and other products.

Rubber feet

Clear 3M rubber feet are pre-applied on each unit so it's ready to use after removing packaging. 4x6 units have an extra 2 bumpons in the center to maintain stability.

Where to Buy

Switch Tester Plates are currently available from 3 aussie vendors.

Custom KBD
Mountain Keyboards

Direct purchase is also possible by messaging me on discord. If you are international, I recommend checking out the vendors above as they'll have better rates.

Discord: @Ninja#5071

ProfilePic Discord.jpg


Hello traveller, you have reached my switch vault. I have many switches available, for a price.

If you require bulk switches, please check out the vendors below.

Clear DSA Keycaps - 60c each

Modern Switches - $1.50 each

Alpaca V1 Linears
Halo Clear
KBDfans T1 Tactile
Gazzew Boba U4 62g - CustomKBD link
Gazzew Boba U4T 62g - CustomKBD link (out of stock)
Gazzew Bobagum 62g (clear top) - CustomKBD link
Dragonfruit 63.5g
POM Sunflower 67g
SP Star Purple 67g (white housing)
SP-Star Х KON·MOMO 65g

And these: shrimp, tecsee ruby, tecsee sapphire, epsilons, jadeite, kiwi, tangerine, oil king, blueberry, new stock alpaca, silent alpaca, cerulean, pewter, gateron CJ

Zeal redux - $2

Chaos theory singularity - $2.50

Cherry Switches - $1 each

Cherry Red
Cherry Black
Cherry Brown
Cherry Clear
Cherry Blue
Cherry Green
Cherry Speed Silver
Cherry Silent Red - $1.50
Cherry Silent Black - $1.50
Cherry Nature White - $2

Gateron Switches $1 each

Gateron Clear
Gateron Red
Gateron Yellow
Gateron Black
Gateron Brown
Gateron Blue
Gateron Green
Gateron Silent Red
Gateron Silent Black
Gateron Silent Brown

Kailh BOX Switches - $1 each

Kailh BOX Red
Kailh BOX Dark Yellow
Kailh BOX Black
Kailh BOX Brown
Kailh BOX Burnt Orange
Kailh BOX White
Kailh BOX Pale Blue
Kailh BOX Jade - CustomKBD link
Kailh BOX Navy - CustomKBD link
Kailh BOX Royal
Kailh BOX Pink
Kailh BOX Chinese Red
Kailh BOX Noble Yellow
Kailh BOX Glazed Green
Kailh BOX Ancient Grey

Kailh Switches - $1 each

Kailh Pro Burgundy
Kailh Pro Purple
Kailh Pro Light Green
Kailh Speed Gold
Kailh Speed Silver
Kailh Speed Bronze
Kailh Speed Copper

KBDfans Aliaz Switches - $1 each

Aliaz 60g
Aliaz 70g
Aliaz 80g
Aliaz 100g

Outemu Switches

These outemu switches are very old and maybe not even be available for purchase.

Outemu Ice Light Purple - $1
Outemu Ice Dark Purple - $1
Outemu Ice Clear - $1
Outemu Ice Grey - Out of stock
Outemu Ice Silver - Out of stock
Outemu Teal - Out of stock

Advanced Switch Testers (legacy product)

In contrast to the tester plates, these are fully enclosed units made from several layers of acrylic and features a 1.5mm switch plate to allow switches to clip in securely, like a typical keyboard case.

They are great as fidget toys to leave around or take to meets. The switches won't fall out because of the switch plate and enclosed nature.

Note: these are currently out of production but I have a few available. Please message to check availbility.


  • 1u - $7 (out of stock)
  • 1u high profile - $8 (out of stock)
  • 1x2 - $10 - (out of stock)
  • 2x2 - $13 - (out of stock)
  • 2x3 - $15 - (out of stock)
  • 2x4 - $16 - 3 available (colour: snow)
  • 3x4 - $20 - (out of stock)
  • 3x5 - $24 - 2 available (colour: snow)

Click here for an imgur album of photos.

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