Keyboard Stands

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Keyboard Stands

2020 lazy ninja edit: this page is out of date. The whole website will be reorganised in the near future. Please get in direct contact to purchase or for more info.

These are display stands to show off your keyboards at a comfortable angle.

4 sizes have been developed - full, mini, tall mini and baby.

  • Full stands are recommended for 60% and above and will hold extremely heavy boards.
  • Mini stands are designed by for 40% boards but will also hold boards up to 65% in size.
  • Tall mini stands are raised higher and will hold a nintendo switch perfectly. The extra height allows it to be plugged in while sitting on the stand.
  • Baby stands are for split boards, macropads and anything really small. Not tested with ergo style split boards (that have protruding thumb buttons).

A few have been sold through Daily Clack so far but are no in regular production. I am working on bringing these to market globally.

Click here for the full photo album.

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