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Laser_Ninja has wares, if you have coin

Hello. I design and laser cut keyboards and keyboard accessories.

I started with an acrylic switch tester that took many months to develop and fine tune to something far more advanced than anything available on the market.

Sorry, I don't take commissions.

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Some products available from Daily Clack

Some of my keyboard stands and switch tester/modding plates can be purchased from Daily Clack, Australia's best and only mechanical keyboard enthusiast store.

They ship worldwide and carry many other keyboard things like stabs, keycaps, lube, desk mats, switches and PCBs. They also proxy for various GBs (group buys) so aussies can save on shipping.


Acrylic colours

All colours are 3mm gloss unless marked otherwise. Photo gallery of colour options will be coming soon™.

  • Clear - 1.5mm 3mm 4.5mm 6mm
  • Matte clear
  • Satin black - 3mm 4.5mm

  • Satinice Snow (matte)
  • Satinice Chilli (matte)
  • Satinice Mandarin (matte)
  • Satinice Coconut (gloss)

Limited stock/sizes

  • Fluoro green
  • Fluoro pink
  • Medium grey
  • Violet
  • Pink
  • Ivory
  • White

(old) Links to pics

Leaving links here for now even though they have their own pages.

Laser cut stuff.

Custom shirts.

Switch modding stations.

Keyboard stands.

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