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Laser_Ninja has wares, if you have coin

Hello. I design and laser cut keyboards and keyboard accessories.

I started with an acrylic switch tester that took many months to develop and fine tune to something far more advanced than anything available on the market.

Sorry, I don't take commissions.

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What's cooking for 2020

I've got plenty of stuff planned for the year. The simple keyboard stand has been sporadically sold through meetups and a small stock at Daily Clack, as well as for friends and sale on discord.

I'm gearing up to produce them at quantity, with proper packaging and an ecosystem of accessories.

These will provide extra functionality and with forward-compatibility in mind, these stands will last beyond the life of any keyboard it will hold.

Many of you have waited a long time and I apologise for the long delay. 2019 was not my year.

Acrylic cases are also in the queue. Since I started, many more acrylic case designers and sellers have popped up to meet market demand.

I hope to get back to producing cases as soon as possible.

I'll have an updated tented iris design, a 65%, an unnamed board for Aeboards, my own hibernating breadstick and that's just to start.

(old) Links to pics

Some old links to photo albums. Will update properly at some point.

Laser cut stuff.

Custom shirts.

Switch modding stations.

Keyboard stands.

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