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Stuff for sale

On this page you'll find a list of my items for sale that are in stock (check the status column).

AU delivery is $3/5 via letter if it can be flat packed, $10 via courier otherwise.

Contact me on discord or other methods if you wish to purchase.

Discord username: @Ninja#5071

laser_ninja stuff

Status Item Info Price Pics
Available Fluoro green pain27 case Low profile style case with solid walls. Hardware included. 2-3 in stock. $30 each Pics on instagram
In stock Switch puller (aka IC puller) $3 each
In stock Switch opener Single flat metal tool with prongs to open MX style switches. $5
TBA Keyboard stands 4 different sizes at the moment. Stock will also be at Daily Clack in the future. $10-20

Keyboard Stuff

Status Item Info Price Pics
Available DSA Borealis Number Pad Set ABS doubleshot keycaps, works best with LED backlighting. $15 Pic
Available NPKC Top Printed PBT Keycap Set Blue colour. Used a handful of times. $45
Available Top printed mod keycaps Translucent on top. $20
Status Switch Info Price Pics
Available 20x R8 Zealio 78g $20
Available 24x pre-retool extra burnt orange Bad early batch, nearly linear. $5
Available Pre-retool kailh box switches 40x brown, 50x red, 10x black 25c each
Available Cherry switches 25x blue, 45x green, 32x RGB red 40c each
Available 18x Cherry clear 80c each

PC Stuff

Status Item Info Price Pics
Available Orico HDD cases Plastic case that protects a single HDD. $10
Available Good 120mm and 140mm fans TBA $8+
Available Q2710 27" 1440p korean monitor Buy only if you understand the quirks of korean monitors. Pickup only. $120
Available Silverstone ML06 HTPC with SFX PSU support. Very good condition, no PSU. $40
Available Silverstone ML03 HTPC with ATX PSU support. Pretty banged up but functional. $20
Available Lian-li PC-Q03 Black cube HTPC. A little scratched, PSU plate threads stripped. Includes slim ODD without cable. $20
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