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Keyboard Stands


Keyboard stands are for showing off your keyboards. They are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible - the focus of attention should be your keyboard, not the unit that holds it up.




Keyboard support

All keyboard stands (except the mini) supports keyboards wider than 21cm (8.3"), which cover most keyboards on the market. For 40% and smaller boards, have a look at the mini which comes in at 14cm wide (5.5").

There is virtually no weight limit on my keyboard stands except where the keyboard is oversized, such as those with built in wrist rests. 60% boards can be used on the mini as well, but if they are very heavy, they may slip off so consider using full size keyboard stands for anything heavy.

6mm thick frosted clear acrylic

The material used is a premium 6mm thick clear frosted acrylic. The smooth satin frosted finish resists fingerprints and is easy to clean and appears on both sides.

The low key look of this material helps your keyboard stand out - the attention should be on the board and not what's holding it up.

Invisible custom cut 3M rubber feet

Custom cut clear 3M rubber feet are pre-applied on each stand, including where the keyboard rests. They are practically invisible and won't draw the eye.

Easy to peel protective film

If you've purchased laser cut acrylic before, you'll know it's a real pain peeling the brown protective paper off. The acrylic i've chosen comes with a very easy to peel clear plastic film. I could save a buck going to a cheaper material but I want the peel and build process to be as easy as it can be.

Assembles fast and packs flat

Keyboard stands do not require any tools to assemble thanks to the thumbscrew and square nut system. They assemble very quickly because there's better things to do. They are also packaged as flat as possible to minimise shipping costs, and can be transported around easily.

Designed and manufactured in Australia

The design of keyboard stands has evolved over time with the feedback of the enthusiast keyboard community, and are manufactured inhouse in Australia. Products are continually improved and feedback is always welcome. As a keyboard enthusiast, i'm here to design the best products I can for the community.


KBS Catalog 01.jpg

KBS Catalog 02.jpg

KBS Catalog 03.jpg

Please note that triple and quad racks not available at vendors. Get in contact if you would like to purchase.


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