Switch Mod Plates

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Switch Mod Plates

These are tools used to organise switches as mod/lube them, also known as 'lube stations' by other vendors.

They're made from a single 6mm thick clear acrylic with a silky smooth satin/frosted finish on both sides that resists dust and fingerprints.

Switches are simply pushed into the slots and will be held in place with friction, and can be pushed out from below. This means the unit doubles as a switch tester, useful for testing your work to ensure consistency.

The slots are spaced out so you don't bump into adjacent switches when closing them or applying films and other fiddly work.

High quality 3M bumpons are pre-applied to each unit.

DSC 7447 - 2000px.jpg

Switch Mod Plate Comparison 2000px.jpg

Click here for more photos.


  • 24 Slot 3x8 - $24
  • 24 Slot 4x6 - $24
  • 32 Slot 4x8 - $32
  • 40 Slot 4x10 - $40
  • 48 Slot 6x8 - $48
  • Custom sizes - flat $1 per switch slot (minimum 20 slots)

Payment taken via Pay ID.

Delivery options (AU only):

  • Auspost letter untracked - $3.50 for units up to 6x8 size.
  • Courier - Starts at $10 for metro areas (no PO boxes). Auspost available on request.

Also available from switchkeys.com.au

Customisation options

By default, switch holes are grippy. If you would like loose switch holes, this can be chosen at no extra cost.

Brush holes are also added to the top right corner by default, these can be modified and repositioned at no extra cost.

Lastly, stem slots can be added but this will incur an extra 25% on top of the base price as it will increase the size and cutting time. For example, a 32 slot unit is $32, with stem slots it becomes $40.

How to Order

Message me on discord with what you would like. Include your post code and suburb in your message please.


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