Switch Mod Plates

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Switch Mod Plates

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Switch mod plates are tools used in modding switches. They hold your switches in place so that you may handle and rotate the plate around to lube switches efficiently.

I like to do one side of all switches, then rotate the unit 180 degrees and do the other side.

Switch Mod Plate Comparison 2000px.jpg

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Grippy slots

Unlike other 'lube stations' on the market, my units have grippy slots which mean switches are held in place by the plate (like my tester units).

This can be a pro or a con depending on your workflow, but I personally prefer this as do many of my keyboard friends.

The main purpose of this is to allow you to rotate the plate around as you lube the bottom housing. Bumps will not cause switch parts to go flying off the plate. And lastly, the plate can be used as a switch tester - important if you want to check your work for consistency.

Switch support

Tester plates support any MX style switches such as cherry, kailh, kailh box, outemu, tecsee, durock etc. Some switches may sit a bit tighter or looser. Tester plates are a bit tighter than mod plates (which can be used as testers).

Material and finish

The acrylic is clear with a silky smooth satin/frosted texture on both sides, that resists dust and fingerprints. This is the same material used for my keyboard stands and other products.

Rubber feet

Clear 3M rubber feet are pre-applied on each unit so it's ready to use after removing packaging. 4x6 units have an extra 2 bumpons in the center to maintain stability.

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