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Swtich Films

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What are switch films?

Switch films are placed between the top and bottom switch housings to reduce wobble. Some switches are already very tight and will not need films, or will need very thin films. The sound profile can also change slightly, but in my opinion, is a very small factor not really worth worrying about.


I developed these switch films with help from hong hobbies, qwertlekeys and taekeyboards, who has used them in many videos. In April 2020, I launched the films on Keyboard Treehouse where they are still available right now.

These first version films had a larger bottom area blocking the LED slot, but after feedback, I decided to open that area to allow LED lights to shine through. Those are called V2 and available only from Switchkeys.

How are these different?

My design should be easier to use and apply than the other films on the market. It stays in place a bit better, doesn't jump around and has large tabs on the side to give you some surface area to grab onto, whether you're using your fingers or tweezers.

The films come on a sticky backing sheet (the films themselves are not sticky) which helps keep things organised.

Where to Buy

Switch Films are currently available from 2 aussie vendors.

Keyboard Treehouse
https://treehousehobbies.com/products/laser_ninja-switch-films Treehouse Hobbies]


  • 0.18mm thickness
  • 126 films per pack (3 sheets of 42)
  • PU vinyl material
  • Opaque colour (not transparent)
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia by laser_ninja

Discontinuing Switch Films

Unfortunately I will be discontinuing films due to being too labour intensive to produce and material supply issues.

Switch films are checked, pre-peeled and then hand cut into individual sheets to maintain a certain level of quality and consistency.

These days, there are plenty of film options on the market.

I have several hundred packs available and will restock Switchkeys continuously until they're all gone (have a lot more white than black).


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