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About laser_ninja

Hey hows it going, i'm an Australian keyboard enthusiast and maker.

My first product was a simple switch tester in 2017 as there were very few on the market, and nearly none in the Australian market.

I've been involved in the local community through collaborations, helping out others, giveaways and organising meetups (along with TaeKeyboards, Ryan of Ivery Boards and Don of The Board Podcast). You may have seen me at:

  • Sydney Dec 2017
  • Melbourne March 2018
  • Melbourne September 2018
  • Sydney Dec 2018
  • TC Con March 2019
  • Sydney November 2019

And 2020 Sydney if it weren't for the rona. It won't be until at least 2021 before another proper full size meetup is organised. Hopefully this also gives more time to develop an even better event, building on the experience from all the past meetups. The hobby is growing and even within Sydney, in a tiny country like Australia, we are hitting capacity on venues much faster than expected.

How to reach me

Primary contact is discord.

Discord usernames are case sensitive, copy paste it when adding or messaging me. If that doesn't work, you may need to join a mutual server.

I spend my time mainly on snagkeys, the main AU & NZ mech server. Just joining the server will allow you to message me.

Invite to snagkeys:

If you're an aussie or new zealander, please read the pins for verification procedure in the passport channel to gain access to the rest of the server.

  • Discord: @Ninja#5071
  • Facebook: find me on the AUMK group.
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