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Swtich Films

I've been developing these switch films for a solid year now, with help from hong hobbies, qwertlekeys and taekeyboards who has used them in many videos. In April, I launched the films on Keyboard Treehouse where they are still available and have now reached a version I am very happy with. This is called v2 to differentiate it from the previous one, which has no version number.

What are switch films? How are these different?

Switch films are placed between the top and bottom switch housings to reduce wobble. Some switches are already very tight and will not need films, or will need very thin films. Always mod a few to evaluate before committing to a whole batch of switches.

My design should be easier to use and apply than the other films on the market. It stays in place a bit better, doesn't jump around and has large tabs on the side to give you some surface area to grab onto, whether you're using your fingers or tweezers.

The films come on a sticky backing sheet (the films themselves are not sticky) which helps keep things organised.


  • 0.18mm thickness
  • 126 films per pack (3 sheets of 42)
  • PU vinyl material
  • Opaque colour (not transparent)
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia by laser_ninja


A few packs of films have been sent some out to aussie streamers to try out and giveaway. Qwertlekeys and zerostresslevel are yet to do the giveaway so follow them on twitch if you don't want to miss out.

In time, i'll get around to more streamers, I just can't cover everyone in one go.

SFv2 01 2000px.jpg

SFv2 02 2000px.jpg

SFv2 03 2000px.jpg

SFv2 04 2000px.jpg

SFv2 05 2000px.jpg

The future

Future packs will be done in 2 sheets of 54 for a total of 108 films per pack. This is to bring it in line with competitors, the current price may seen too high because there are more films. It is still more expensive than competitors, but not by much.

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