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About laser_ninja

Hey thanks for checking out my site. I'm an aussie keyboard enthusiast and maker, laser cutting various products for the mechanical keyboard hobby.

My background is in graphic design, photography and printing, which have all led me here - where I can apply it to product design and manufacturing.

Things started in 2017 when I played around with switch testers, which led to kits being sold at the end of 2017 Sydney keyboard meetup. At the time, there was only one vendor worldwide that sold switch testers (novelkeys) and not any keyboard vendors in australia.

How to reach me

Please message me on discord if you have any enquiries or wish to purchase directly from me.

• Discord:

• Instagram:

• Laser Ninja discord server:

Snzagkeys Discord

You can also find me on snzagkeys, an Australian and NZ only mechanical keyboard discord server.

To get access to the whole server, you'll need to verify in the passport channel (see pins).

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