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'''Photos: https://imgur.com/a/mGOWc9r'''
'''Photos: https://imgur.com/a/mGOWc9r'''
Edit: word from the supplier:
Your order has arrived from the fabricator, this morning.
We will deliver on Monday, 27/8/18.

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Individual order status

Invoice Buyer Status
200 E. D. Case ready
201 C. T. Case ready
202 H. H. Case ready
203 A. G. Case ready
204 E. K. Case ready
205 V. T. Case ready. Need 40mm standoffs.
206 B. P. Case ready, 2x4 switch tester ready. Need: Lets split case.
207 S. B. Case ready
208 J. H. Need: 3mm matte black top, 3mm matte black bottom
209 J. O. Need: 3mm matte black top, 3mm matte black bottom
209 J. O. Case ready
210 G. D. Not cut
211 A. L. Case ready
212 R. B. Need 3mm matte black top
213 Order cancelled
214 T. S. Need 3mm matte black top
215 B. S. Need: 3mm matte black top, 3mm matte black bottom
216 A. E. Need 3mm matte black top
217 P. N. Case ready
217 P. N. Case ready
218 J. T. Not cut
218 J. T. Need: 3mm matte black top, 3mm matte black bottom
219 D. T (unpaid) Need: 3mm snow top, 3mm snow bottom
220 M. H. Case ready
221 V. N. Need 3mm matte black top, 3mm matte black bottom. Planck 1.5mm clear plate has been cut.
- - -

Laser_Ninja is making Tented Iris Cases

This is a split keyboard PCB sold on keeb.io. I have modified the original case design to allow tenting (raising one part of the keyboard, like a tent).

This tented design of mine is:

  1. Affordable.
  2. Minimalist and has a clean, finished look.
  3. Adjustable via interchangeable standoffs.
  4. Customisable - choose any combination of acrylic top/middle/bottom and screw colour.


This buy is currently open until the end of July. Please fill in the form below. You'll find all the information and options within.

Order form (form closed now)

Quick Links

Update 3 (22nd August 2018)

Heyo, quick update on progress. I apologise about having to push back the delivery date.

If you need to update your delivery details, please get in contact.

1. Had a problem organising acrylic and had to go with a new supplier. The order has been placed and is being cut to size (to fit the laser bed).

2. Sticky residue was being left on some parts from the masking tape I used, especially after 1-2 weeks time.

I bought two different masking tapes to test. These can last at least 60 days without leaving residue, probably much longer since it isn't left in the sun.

All taped parts will have a pull tab for easy removal.

This means I have to remove all the tape from each already-packed order, then apply the new tape and pack it back up.

3. Buying better boxes. The ones I previously used for iris cases may not hold up to international post and some of the larger orders will not fit.

The new boxes are white on the outside and thicker, with more space for padding or extra items.

Photos: https://imgur.com/a/mGOWc9r

Edit: word from the supplier:

Your order has arrived from the fabricator, this morning.
We will deliver on Monday, 27/8/18.

Update 2.5 (3rd August 2018)

  • The sale is closed and all invoices have been sent out.
  • 2/3 of all orders are complete.
  • The last 1/3 is waiting on additional acrylic to arrive, this has an unknown ETA but should be here in about a week.

10th August 2018 - still waiting for acrylic.

Update 2 (31st July 2018)

I have for you what mech enthusiasts crave: delays. Only a small delay. I need to order in some more acrylic sheets and hardware.

Really didn't anticipate on getting the amount of interest I did (20+ sold) but very happy to see this amount of interest.

Status of requested additions to some orders:

  • Redox case addition: will be in contact about this.
  • Lets split addition: waiting for acrylic.
  • Custom planck diffuser layer: will be in contact about this.
  • Switch testers: ready.

Work left to do aside from ordering stuff in:

  • Design and print build diagram/instructions.
  • Print out order summary for each buyer (which doubles as a checklist for packing).
  • Sticker sheet if time allows (I print stickers as well).

There will be one final update before packing and posting out everyone's case/kits.

Photos: https://imgur.com/a/bUhbsa2


Discord: @Ninja#5071

Reddit: /u/meowffins

Email: ken@kennui.com

Update 1 (18th July 2018)

Hey people. The form went up 1 week ago and I have begun production while also confirming order details with each buyer.

Invoices are being prepared and will be sent out shortly.

Production is half done. Some parts of my google form were not very clear so please have a look at the update imgur album. If you are unsure about anything, please ask.

On track to delivery all cases by the end of July.

Photos: https://imgur.com/a/cawZjnU


I also didn't put pictures in to show how tenting works. Some of you may not understand so these photos should help. Note that the units below are prototypes.



So the longer the standoff, the higher the angle. The tenting leg itself is made up of 3 parts - the standoff, thumbscrew foot and rubber pad (comes applied to the thumbscrew).

If you have selected more than one set of standoffs to try different angles, then it is as simple as changing the standoff.

All buyers have now been contacted. All international orders will be delivered at the same time, estimated to be around the end of the month (31st July 2018).

Discord: @Ninja#5071

Reddit: /u/meowffins

Email: ken@kennui.com

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