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Old news posts


February 2022 Update

Hey hey people. Here with a small update, been a while since my last. Hope you've all had a nice break.

Switchkeys has been restocked with mod/tester plates and stands. Clear DSA keycaps next, then switch films and more stands in March.

To find my products, search 'laser ninja' or follow this link here.

Dual Keyboard Stands

Been working on some dual stands. I want these to display both keyboards fully, most existing stands tend to hide the keyboard in the back. Sometimes this is unavoidable if you have a very large board in front. For this reason, you can fit a thicker TKL in the front without covering the back.

When switching this around (having a 60% or 5 row board) in the front, there will be a gap. You may like it or dislike it. This is the tradeoff I am going with, and honestly I like some separation between boards. Let them have some space.

Dual Stand Preview 2000px.jpg

Artisan Cases

This has been on my to do list for years. I'm not that into artisans now so it's hard to find the motivation to work on stuff I don't use.

There's two features that I want to get right - angling mechanism and lid.

I might start off with a basic design and go from there. The final form will ideally have an easy angling system and an easy to use lid system. And perhaps a custom machined or moulded foam insert to hold the keycaps in place, this would be awesome but expensive.


The Pumpkinpad is a 10 key macropad PCB i'm planning to bring out some time. Currently in design/prototying, PCB design by Jels.

The idea behind this is to have fun. I want to design a range of little cases that can be used with the PCB or used as switch testers or artisan holders. It will be hotswap so it's easy to move the PCB around if you want.

The name is from the original case I made for halloween. I've since decided to keep the name because it's unique and I couldn't think of anything better that didn't sound boring like 'ninjapad10'.

Pumpkinpad Ant 2000px.jpg

Discord Server

Quietly opening my server to the public.. I don't know who even checks my site but if you do, and you want to join my server - then here's the only public link. Later on I will run some giveaways to promote the server, just don't have time right now.


Thanks in advance for joining. It'll be quiet in the beginning but as I plan on sharing more of my work process and involve the community in my designs.

There's a role you can give yourself for updates but i'll aim to keep pings to an absolute minimum. I know how annoying they can be.

September 2021 Update

I recently launched v2 switch films on switchkeys and sent some out to aussie streamers to try out and giveaway. Qwertlekeys and zerostresslevel are yet to do the giveaway so follow them on twitch if you don't want to miss out.

SFv2 01 2000px.jpg

The v2 version only has a small change from the previous one sold on Keyboard Treehouse (which are still available for a little cheaper). The LED slot was blocked in the previous design while it is open in the new one.


  • Keyboard stands: Waiting for acrylic sheets to reach me and should be resupplying switchkeys by the end of the month.
  • Switch mod plates: Same as stands, i'm waiting for acrylic to arrive to cut more 24 slot units.
  • Switch tester plates: Recently sent a small supply to SK.

Frosted acrylic

I've been looking for alternative suppliers for the acrylic used to make stands and mod/tester plates but it's very hard finding the exact properties i'm after. The current material as you may have seen, is extremely good at resisting fingerprints/marks and diffuses light really well to give it a flat and unobtrusive look on the desk.

This is entirely due to the surface texture. Even when two textures look near identical, they can be more reflective, not diffuse as well or take on fingerprints more easily.

Discord Server

Everyone and their dog has one, I avoided it for years but it's time. I need a place to organise things, gather feedback and show off photos to a wider audience instead of only a few friends.

It will a basic leveling system based on diablo item rarities that i've wanted to do for literally years. Everyone starts out as normal and progress to magic, rare and finally legendary. A sneak peek channel will be unlocked when reaching rare. Set role will be given to friends and distinguished members of the community.

No ETA but probably mid-late september. I'll be posting about it wherever I can when it launches. Maybe do some giveaways on the server as well as snagkeys (AU only mech server). Invite here: https://discord.gg/NaqRqNb.


Iris Cases

These are available and made to order. I have updated the Iris page on this site with info. The imgur album https://imgur.com/a/0V3lUTj will have pics of various colour combos as well as newly added high profile renders.

July 2021 Update

Product Update 26th July 2021 2000px.jpg

26th July update: 40 slot mod plates and switch tester plates (12/24 slot) have been added to SK.

Keyboard Stands and 24 Slot Switch Mod Plates are now available at Switchkeys, an aussie vendor based out of Melbourne.

The 3x8 switch mod plates fit perfectly inside their updated Brush Kit V2, which I noticed after buying the V1 unit. It's a great value piece of kit and has enough space for your lube, films, other tools and of course, the mod plate.

More products will be listed in the future, as well as products going to other vendors. If you would like larger mod plates, I custom cut these to order, check out the Switch Testers page for more info.

Keyboard Stand Ad.jpg

Other stuff

A long project has recently been completed, two custom high profile tented wireless cases for the Sofle V1 PCBs (what a mouthful). I will be making simpler cases for the Sofle V1 and V2 in the future to go with PCBs sold by Custom KBD.

Tented iris cases are available right now as well, just send me a message on discord. The iris page on this site is sorely in need of updating.. i'll get around to it soon™.

In the mean time, I have an imgur album with pics and info: https://imgur.com/a/0V3lUTj

Switch films are still available from the treehouse.

Website Update

Updated the site a bit and added some new pages, actually installed custom fonts and changed styling. Been meaning to do that for years. Also been meaning to get an actual laser ninja domain instead of using my personal 'kennui.com' domain.

There's so many awesome platforms and technologies including the pervasive squarespace, but for now, i'm going to keep on truckin. I don't plan on setting up a store as I want to sell to vendors more than selling directly myself. Some pages will still be out of date like the iris page, sorry for that. Anyway, it is what it is. Thanks for reading.

April 2021 Update

Products are in production.

If you want to purchase, send me a message on discord: @Ninja#5071. My profile picture is the gradient circle in the logo. I am on many keyboard servers so you should be able to find me if you search for ninja.

Click here to join snagkeys, an AU/NZ only keyboard server - https://discord.gg/NaqRqNb

  • Keyboard stands
  • Switch modding plates
  • Switch testers
  • Switch films
  • Keyboard keychains
  • Tools - stem grabber, switch puller, keycap puller, curved tweezers

Local delivery in australia is done via auspost letter untracked for smaller flat items and courier for anything bulkier.

23rd April 2021

Laser ninja SwitchFilms 1000px.jpg

My switch films are now on the treehouse, fulfilled from their warehouse.

They have a cheap letter postage option (cannot be combined with other items). It can however be combined with other AEBoards items from the warehouse (click on Makers menu then AEBoards).

Click the image or this link to visit the product page.

Note: the site defaults to USD currency, you can change it to AUD in the top right corner.

September 2020 Update

Hello friend, I apologise for the lack of updates. I will be posting major updates on instagram as well as snippets of what i'm up to or into on my insta story, appreciate the follow - instagram.com/laser_ninja_kb.

I've updated my contact page to also be an about page. Please direct all enquires to discord. If i've missed your message, feel free to bump it, I won't mind.

The lasercave is being upgraded to handle production and order fulfilment better. Space is limited so working out a more efficient floorplan/layout was important, my materials and supplies were all over the place before.

Regarding product releases - I will be selling some products on Keyboard Treehouse, a community focused store created by AEboards. I'll be listing smaller items initially.

Keyboard Stands

I've sourced and tested an excellent new material to use as rubber feet (where the keyboard rests). The previous rubber pads I used were good, but I wanted to fine tune the properties, in particular the hardness and to get a custom size made. What I had now is perfect - good grip, high hardness to withstand very heavy boards without budging and slightly larger to give it better overall adhesion. These are aspects I pay close attention to because I want to design the best stand possible (within reason).

Hardware will also be changed from M3 to M4 - this will make it easier to grip the square nuts, which I found to be a bit finnicky. They're easy to drop and simply moving up one metric size makes it so much easier to handle, improving the assembly experience.

Unfortunately, it will likely be exclusively sold with the upcoming Constellation custom keyboard by AEboards. More details to come.

13th October update: Finally got my order of premium frosted acrylic and will be pumping out as many as I can by the weekend. I'll be dropping my stock off at the Keyboard Treehouse HQ to be sold with the Constellation public release. If you bought a constellation earlier in the F&F round, sorry that I didn't get this out in time.

Tented Iris Case (for V4 PCBs)

There has been a lot of interest in my tented case design and I have an updated version of my 2018 first release. New and improved hardware has also been sourced, which arrived recently.

I'll be making a list of all the people who have contacted me and offer the case first to those who have waited the longest. Get in contact if you're interested in a case.

1st October update: Forgot to order screws for the tenting system and china is away for autumn festival. If i'm lucky, I can submit delivery once I receive them at my proxy. This is the last piece of hardware I need before I start taking orders. I've also got some 10mm black, white and frosted acrylic coming in so i'll be able to do those for mid layers.

A big photo album is being prepared so that all the options are thoroughly shown. Thank you for your patience.

13th October update: Compiling acrylic colour options and photos. High profile design also completed. I'll be making a big chart of renders to show off colour combos because it can be hard to visualise.

Link to the Iris on keeb.io: https://keeb.io/products/iris-keyboard-split-ergonomic-keyboard

Switch Modding Plates

Frosted acrylic seen in photos is unavailable for the time being, so I will be offering gloss clear at a small discount. These are made to order with info on the Switch Testers page. Message me on discord to order.

An improved model will be listed on Keyboard Treehouse when I restock frosted acrylic. This has a new feature - the ability to clamp lube tubs to the plate so they don't move around. It supports different sized tubs as well. A simple solution that I hope you'll appreciate.

Switch Films

I haven't announced this or even talked about it anywhere. For the past month+ I have been developing my own switch film.

My films have a distinct shape to identify them and good compressibility. Other films may be too thin or too thick, leading to loose films or making it difficult/impossible to close the switch. The thickness of my material should be a good middle ground to support most if not all switches.

Hong Hobbies has been an immense help during the testing phase. He is a fellow enthusiast who provides a switch modding service and has a lot of experience with the switch films on the market. Expect to see my films offered through Hong Hobbies soon. Release on treehouse will be around mid september.

Fellow aussie enthusiast Idyllic has a great video on switch films, check it out - https://youtu.be/RiecBEnHYPA

13th October update: I have decided to remove the LED hole from the design. A small stock with LED holes will be available at a higher price to those who wish to solder in through-hole LEDs. Production is ongoing and will launch soon™.

May 2020 Update

Keyboard stands are finally finished - just waiting for supplies to produce packaging inhouse. If you really want a stand, you can contact me directly to purchase via discord. I also have a second colour available, frosted clear - a luxurious feeling frosted/matte finish acrylic that will resist fingerprints and dust.

June 7th edit: keyboard stands are no longer available for direct purchase, please wait for the public release.

Switch testers are available in the form of switch plates or advanced testers that I have left in stock. I'm designing a new version using some new materials.

Switch modding plates are also available in whichever size you require. I'll figure out which 2-3 sizes are most ideal to keep in stock. Thinking 24, 48 and a larger one around 70-80.

Artisan cases will also be coming.

Lastly the iris case is avilable with some caveats. Tenting hardware (legs) are in limited stock. I have updated the design slightly so if you want a case, contact me. I am producing them on request as well.

What's cooking for 2020

I've got plenty of stuff planned for the year. The simple keyboard stand has been sporadically sold through meetups and a small stock at Daily Clack, as well as for friends and sale on discord.

I'm gearing up to produce them at quantity, with proper packaging and an ecosystem of accessories.

These will provide extra functionality and with forward-compatibility in mind, these stands will last beyond the life of any keyboard it will hold.

Many of you have waited a long time and I apologise for the long delay. 2019 was not my year.

Acrylic cases are also in the queue. Since I started, many more acrylic case designers and sellers have popped up to meet market demand.

I hope to get back to producing cases as soon as possible.

I'll have an updated tented iris design, a 65%, an unnamed board for Aeboards, my own hibernating breadstick and that's just to start.

Some products available from Daily Clack

Some of my keyboard stands and switch tester/modding plates can be purchased from Daily Clack, Australia's best and only mechanical keyboard enthusiast store.

They ship worldwide and carry many other keyboard things like stabs, keycaps, lube, desk mats, switches and PCBs. They also proxy for various GBs (group buys) so aussies can save on shipping.


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