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2024 Update

DSC02037 - Edit 1000px.jpg


This was the biggest keyboard meetup in australia to date, one I helped Antstar (of Custom KBD) plan in Melbourne. It was a great day with a huge sponsor turnout and ambitious ideas. This year, Cafege will be helming a meetup with the same name for Sydney, and will be even bigger. So far we know it will be at the Royal Randwick Racecourse, Kensington Room on the 28th September.

AEBoards and Keyboard Treehouse

I was brought on to help move to and set up their new warehouse space then stayed on to do a variety of work including order fulfilment, photography and store management. My immediate projects are to organise an online sale event and minimeet. It will be some time in May, more details to come soon.

With the cost of living rising basically everywhere, luxuries and non-essentials get cut. This has led to a drop in sales so i'm very thankful to Eric for taking me on. Very excited to revitalise the store and brand.

Acrylic cases: Tented Iris, nEXT65, Kangaroo and more

Tented Iris Case - i've had a few enquiries about this and it is still available to order.

nEXT65 - this was a 'caseless case' I designed for slotting onto an EXT65 plate/build. I've had one enquiry about it and have updated it to fit with EXT65 V2 plates. Also threw in a pen holder cos why not, there's space in the design.

Acrylic kangaroo - i've also had an enquiry about an acrylic kangaroo case so I guess it's time to start designing cases compatible with AEBoards boards.

Cafege 'Grey Rat - this project has been delayed by PCB issues but is now close to launching as a GB. It comes in 65% and Alice layouts. More info on Cafege's discord server. You can also find acrylic cases that I manufacture for Cafege here.

Vendor Updates April 2024

MTN KBD have recently restocked my keyboard stands and will have the huge triple and quad racks available in the near future. They are the first vendor to carry these in-stock.

Switchkeys have also restocked recently.

KiwiClack now carry a limited number of my products in-stock on their NZ store.

Keebio - all my stands except the Dual are still available. They recently refreshed their site, go check it out.

PantheonKeys - - they have expressed interest in restocking, send them a message if you're keen on ordering from their Singapore-based store.

Mini and Compact Dual Keyboard Stands

Mini and Compact Dual Labelled 1010px.jpg

These new stands were released in November and have finally made their way to all my vendors, with switchkeys stocking them this week. They're also carrying my shiny metallic keychains in TKL and 60% layouts. Custom layouts and materials can be done on request.

Direct links to stands:

Custom KBD

Custom KBD - Mini Keyboard Stand

Custom KBD - Keyboard Stand

Custom KBD - Compact Dual Keyboard Stand

Custom KBD - Dual Keyboard Stand


Switchkeys - all keyboard stands


Cafege - all keyboard stands


MTN KBD - Mini Keyboard Stand

MTN KBD - Keyboard Stand

MTN KBD - Compact Dual Keyboard Stand

MTN KBD - Dual Keyboard Stand

Treehouse Hobbies

Treehouse Hobbies - Mini Keyboard Stand

Treehouse Hobbies - Keyboard Stand

Treehouse Hobbies - Compact Dual Keyboard Stand

Treehouse Hobbies - Dual Keyboard Stand

Pumpkinpad, new stands and vendor

Pumpkinpad Double 1010px.jpg


The Pumpkinpad is a 10 key macropad that lights up brighter than the sun.

It uses a staggered 3-4-3 layout and has hotswap. Just add 10 switches and plug it in.

I intended to have this on sale during the month of October but could not launch until halloween day itself. Cheaper solderable PCBs and plain cases are planned for the future, as well as more themed cases.

Available at Custom KBD or you can order direct from me if you are in Australia, by filling out the google form.

Pumpkinpad at Custom KBD

Order direct from Laser Ninja via google form

Imgur photo album

New Keyboard Stands

Two new Keyboard Stands have been released, first sold at the Sydney Meetup in Setpember. They are now available at Custom KBD, MTN KBD and Cafege. Please note that Mountain Keyboards have changed their name to MTN KBD.

Mini Keyboard Stand

The Mini Keyboard Stand is designed for 40% keyboards and includes a extra middle piece so you can build it for macropads, numpads and holding up other small objects. Great for holding a phone horizontally, kinda works vertically.

It also holds larger 60% boards but heavier ones should go on the larger keyboard stands - their higher back will prevent heavy boards from slipping off.

Compact Dual Keyboard Stand

The Compact Dual Keyboard Stand is a smaller version of the Dual, which was designed to show off both boards as much as possible. This mean it took up a lot of vertical space. The compact version will suit a wider range of spaces and shelves. There will be 3 and 4 board 'racks' coming soon.

New vendor - Cafege

My good friend thicthacthok has launched a store featuring Geon and KLC products, keyboard services as well products for desk and setup aesthetics coming in the future. Cafege is located in Sydney. Unfortunately they don't ship to the EU at this time.

Keyboard Stands

Switch Films

I've also created a new Where To Buy page to help find my products easier.

August 2022 - Dual Keyboard Stands

Keyboard Stands Laser 02.jpg

At long last, dual keyboard stands are available. These are designed to display both boards fully - without the front board obscuring the one behind. Larger or taller boards will unfortunately cover the rear one but anything up to TKL should be fine.

The first units sold out on Switchkeys and they'll be getting a restock in about a week. Custom KBD should also have their listing up soon.

Mini Stands and others

The next stand to be released will be a Mini, designed for 40% boards but holds anything up to a 60% (or 5 row boards).

Mini Stand Line Drawing.png

These will come with an extra middle piece so it can be built to hold numpads, macropads, artisan cases etc. Width will be 140/70mm.

Another concept i'll be bringing out is the horizontal keyboard rack with a 3 and 4 board option. The first 4 board rack went to Caz of Switchkeys, he has too many boards and is out of control.

Sydney Mechanical Keyboard Meetup 2022

The sydney meetup is coming very soon in just 3 weeks as of posting (no ticket required). I'll be there with a little stall selling stands, switch testers and keychains.

• Saturday Sep 10 2022
• 11:00 am to 5:00 pm
• UTS Great Hall, LOT 2004 Thomas St, Ultimo

Meetup 2018 2019.jpg

May 2022 - New vendors!


Along with Switchkeys, my friends over at Custom KBD, Mountain Keyboards and Keyboard Treehouse are now stocking laser_ninja products.

They each supply the usual keyboard supplies and tools but also develop their own unique products.

Custom KBD -

You'll find a great range of weird and wonderful DIY kits as well as PCBs, keyboard parts and tools. These kits typically require soldering on all the PCB components, which brings down the overall cost significantly.

A great example is the Chalice, a cheap entryway into alice style keyboards, developed by Custom KBD. And if you're short on time or patience, they also offer a build service.

Located in Huntingdale, Melbourne (pickup available).

Keyboard Stands
Switch Mod Plates
Switch Tester Plate

Mountain Keyboards -

Mountain Keyboards is new on the vendor scene however they've been in the hobby for a quite while. Sustainability is an important value, so all their packaging is recyclable or compostable.

Their flagship product is the Lets Tango, a CNCd aluminium keyboard brought to market as an in stock ready to ship keyboard.

Located in Greystanes, Sydney (pickup available).

Keyboard Stands
Switch Mod Plates
Switch Tester Plate

Keyboard Treehouse / Treehouse Hobbies -

Keyboard Treehouse is run by the boys at AE Boards, who have developed some very cool boards over the years such as the EXT65 and Constellation. The second run of the Constellation is actually available in stock right now if you're after a premium 65% experience.

Their latest keyboard is the Praxis IM - a good entry level board if you want to try out an alice layout but don't want to build the whole board like with Chalice.

Note: Treehouse Hobbies is their new store specifically for the AU market, with all prices in AUD.

Located Alexandria, Sydney (pickup available).

Keyboard Stands

Switchkeys -

Finally, I'm pleased to be working with Switchkeys, who have stocked my products for the past year. I've been impressed by their organisation, professionalism, and commitment to customer service. I look forward to continuing to work with them.

They run many GBs for keycaps and keyboards but also carry in stock products where they can. Plenty of switches, deskmats and also Keychron Q series boards, which are excellent value (my current main board is a Q1).

Located Balwyn, Melbourne.

Keyboard Stands
Switch Mod Plates
Switch Tester Plate
Switch Films
• Clear DSA Keycap packs - out of stock

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